You've prepared your presentations. You're standing at the podium. Your equipment is ready. The audience is ready. BUT, ARE YOU READY? What seemed like an easy show is suddenly terrifying. Your mouth dries up. You begin to shake.

You CAN learn the secrets of Successful Presenting. Now you can learn from a professional. Mike Bayly has literally hundreds of presentations to his credit. He's learned the secrets. Now YOU can become a master.

Our Programs - which one is for you?



The Starter Kit: about  2 hours NOW available as an in-company / organization seminar for a flat fee.

See & hear Mike Bayly as he takes you through all the elements of Preparing and Delivering a dynamic presentation.

This very practical seminar shows you how it's done in a group session. You will learn how to get the key and much more in a lively interactive Seminar. You can use the skills TODAY!

Includes: Preparing your presentation, understanding the role of the presenter, grabbing and keeping attention, visual aids, keeping a positive atmosphere, giving clear and precise communication, ensuring your understanding is conveyed, getting commitment, and MUCH more.

If you are just starting out on Presentations, you need a refresher, or you want to try us before taking a WORKSHOP, then The Starter Kit is right for you.

We hope you get excited enough to come on one of our WORKSHOPS where you can really learn through our experiential SAFE critique coaching. Your Starter Kit registration is discounted when you sign up for a WORKSHOP. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, call NOW and sign up for The Starter Kit.

Speaking 4 SuccessTM

 A customized version of The Starter Kit. Pick from 30, 60 or 90 minute versions. All tailored for YOUR audience. Ideal for speaking engagements for your industry organization. Call to find out if we can offer this for FREE!


The ElevatorTM: 1 Day - $399.00  per person. *Our most Popular Program.  Discounts for same-organization multiple bookings (up to 20 persons per workshop)

A fast track workshop to get you to a new level in Presentation Skills.  Beat your competition by giving the Presentation your audience will remember.

A number of studies have shown that people are much more inclined to risk a new product / service from a well thought-out and professionally delivered presentation.

Use these skills to improve your interpersonal skills - on the phone and in person.

This one-day workshop will give you in-depth instruction in how to


  • Your Presentation
  • Yourself, including FEAR control
  • Your Venue

And then: 

  • How to Deliver your Presentation.

Many examples are used to illustrate the various skills.  You will learn the basics of brainstorming and mind-mapping to ensure your presentation includes only what is needed and how it is structured.

Participants will make and deliver a short presentation in small teams, using the skills shown in the course.  Coaching during this practical involvement is a KEY part of this course.  Like driving a car, you can watch how it's done, but get behind the wheel - that's when you REALLY learn!

Catch the El... and take yourself to a new level with

The ElevatorTM from Bayly Presentations

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Already at a competent level but want to get to the TOP? Then chose one of the next 3 workshops.

The EXPERIENCETM: 2 Days - $999.00 each (max 10 people)

Get ready to become a Professional. With full coaching in a limited group (max 10) you will practice all of the skills of presenting from initial preparation of the presentation through preparing the venue to actual delivery. Gain a new level of confidence by learning the key skills. Learn the secrets of public speaking and fear control.  Participants will have the advantage of their presentations being recorded on video so they can see how much they improve during the course. Each participant gives three presentations during the workshop which are scored using our own assessment measurement system which accurately computes your percentage chance of influencing your audience. You always know how you are progressing.


The Personal EXPERIENCETM: All of the EXPERIENCE in just one day - $999.00 each (limit 3 people).

When time is short and you need fast, effective training, then The Personal EXPERIENCETM  is right for you. We will only accept people who have given a number of presentations before onto this course. It's a tough but exhilarating day. Contact us for testimonials!


Just 4 YouTM: 1 - ? day(s)

Sometimes learning in a private environment is the quickest route to success, by having 100% personal tuition. We start with an assessment measurement so that we tailor the training to exactly the areas you need some help. When every minute counts, this is your solution - with intense personal counseling. Prices on application tailored for your personal needs.

Contact us to discuss your personally designed workshop




When time or available skills are at a premium, let us design your next POWERFUL PRESENTATION selling aid.  Win more customers by improving your sales conversions.  We use a 3-Stage process to ensure your satisfaction; consult, design, and refine / approve.  

Contact us to discuss your personally designed presentation.

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